“Bo is on the top of my list as an editor, as well as a wide range of critical and creative projects. I am continually impressed by Bo’s interdisciplinarity as an insightful, powerful scholar, artist and organizer. Bo has helped me bring to life several special academic journal issues on postcolonial visual cultures, gender and representation. Bo is consistently reliable, astute and caring about positive outcomes.”
— Việt Lê, PhD, MFA, Assistant Professor, Visual Studies, California College of the Arts

Academic Coaching

“Bo has been great, very flexible with scheduling and very generous with his time. His support has been above and beyond what I expected. His comments were detailed, insightful, and extremely helpful. Bo was very thorough and thoughtful with his feedback, which helped me improve my work and skills tremendously.”
Kayan, cartoonist, MFA Comics, California College of the Arts, 2016

“It has been great working with Bo Luengsuraswat. He is very patient, thoughtful and kind. I really thank him for helping me with all kinds of writing, including resume, applications, essays, and creative poetry. Bo helps me to generate ideas as well as correct grammar. He asks great questions and helps me to understand myself better. He challenges me and helps me to grow tremendously. He is a wonderful coach.”
— Zhou Zoe Yuan, BFA Jewelry/Metal Arts, California College of the Arts, 2016

“Bo is an excellent writing coach! He has helped me with both my resume and artist statement, and I really felt much more confident with the structure and content of my writing after receiving his assistance. He is really good about giving personal examples of how he has approached a piece of writing in the past, which I found to be very constructive. Keep up the great work, and thank you for your help!”
Brittany, Individualized Major, California College of the Arts

“Bo has been my favorite writing coach I’ve ever had. I really appreciated the sincerity with which he helped refine and make my essays stronger. I was working on a paper that was more argumentative, an approach I was very uncomfortable writing about. Bo helped me write more assertively and challenged some of the claims I made. Besides being a fantastic tutor- Bo is very knowledgeable and insightful in general- he helped me understand my own research in the broader themes of gender and oppression. At the end of your session with Bo, not only is your paper grammatically tighter, your research also feels more informed and thorough. I can’t recommend Bo enough. I feel really fortunate to have gotten a chance to be tutored by him.”
Tenzin Tsomo, BFA Textiles, California College of the Arts, 2017

“Bo is a great coach/teacher and an amazing help. In regards to writing and verbal communication, Bo has assisted in teaching me the skills to grow. He helped me organize and structure my essays and gave me an understanding on how to do that for myself. I worked very closely with Bo with citations and it was imperative for me to write and understand those conventions and he really made it happen.
Most importantly, Bo has explained the concepts of reading and writing, and visual and critical analysis in ways that I can better plan my projects. He has helped me ground my work in stable ways through asking questions and giving me options to organize large writing projects. Bo also played a large part in helping me think critically about the shifts in my thesis project that dealt with race, gender, and oppression. It has been a very good experience to meet coaches that both understand critical theory and know how to teach.”
Marissa, Oakland, CA

“Working with Bo on my resume was the greatest coaching experience. As an international student without any working experience, through editing resume and listening to his personal experience/thoughts, I learned not only how to write a resume with correct grammar, but also how to select valuable information. Talking with him about essays, he would discuss about concepts behind the work, the conversations always bring me new ideas to strengthen my work. As a coach, Bo always try his best to help, he is really patient and nice as well! Miss Bo a lot.”
Emma, current B.Arch student, California College of the Arts

Below are student comments from California College of the Arts Learning Resource Center surveys

CCA Learning Resource Center, Spring 2016

“Bo was amazing; He helped me articulate ideas that I could not find words for, and synthesize my seemingly disparate topics. Not only did he help my work grow, but he helped me understand myself better. Not only did I feel helped and respected, but I felt understood on a deep level. This was the best experience I have ever had with an LRC coach.”

“Bo has been an inspirational figure. The way he intellectually forms connections between ideas and the level of patience / understanding that he exudes makes him a very comfortable person to work with.”

“I found the session with Bo very helpful. I was able to transfer the ideas stuck in my mind into written form. Bo help me find the focus I wanted my paper to have, what kind of research I had to do in order to get the information I needed and think about things I should considered when structuring my essay. Also, gave me very useful tips for quotation and grammar issues. Definitely gave more confidence about my writing skills.”

“Bo Luengsuraswat is incredible. I can open up my truest feelings that are hard to explain and then he helps me brainstorm how to talk and write about them. This is the hardest part about being in school for me, verbalizing all the things I am learning and feeling…Bo helps me do this and develop confidence in persuing my work.

“Bo was really patient in helping me with my grammar when I had trouble with my ethics essay in the beginning of the semester as I was unfamiliar with the US format of writing style as my previous school had taught me British English.”

CCA Learning Resource Center, Fall 2015

“Amazing. The coach was super helpful in re-structuring my thesis chapter draft. I actually wanted to meet for a second time but ran up against tight deadlines. Surprisingly the coach was so helpful that perhaps I was able to finish up the chapter corrections on my own.”

“I worked with Bo Luengsuraswat. He is very patient and always available to help. He helped me went through my most difficult times for job seeking including help me with resumes, cover letters and interview mock-ups. It helped me get more ready for professional work.”

“Bo was a great instructor. He really pushed me to think for myself and by myself.”

“Bo Luengsuraswat is a great coach on helping organize essay structures, and coming up with ideas. He is very patient to answer all the answers I have.”

“Bo is very knowledgeable in critique writing and is patient. It is nice that he asks you how you feel about the coaching and if what he says make sense to you.”

“It was very helpful. Bo is very knowledgeable. It made a huge difference in my writing for this assignment.”

CCA Learning Resource Center, Spring 2015

“I worked with Bo Luengsuraswat with my visual studies paper. He is very patient. Bo helps me a lot with my grammar, which was completely what I wished for the coaching.”

“Bo Luengsuraswat. I had a good experience working with Bo. He was attentive, offered great suggestions and input on how I could improve my research essay.”

“Bo: He was very supportive and I was very thankful that he was available since the other coach never responded to me. Sometimes it’s nice to just talk out loud to someone about what you are writing about to help formulate things in your own words.”

“Bo’s feedback was much needed and very helpful. Not only was it articulate, but I gained so much more insight on my perspective in writing this essay. I plan to apply most of the changes made today.”

“Excellent coach, solved my issues with little problem. Very good at communicating solutions to problems I was having.”

CCA Learning Resource Center, Fall 2014

“Bo Luengsuraswat was easy to schedule and was flexible about the time and format of our coaching session. He went above and beyond to coach me on my writing: he was extremely thorough and spend more time with me during the session than the scheduled time. He is an expert in writing and it showed during our coaching session. I admired his professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to helping improve my writing skills.”

“Even though we had a very brief meeting due to time constraints, working with Bo was very helpful. He helped refine my paper much better than I could on my own (I’m awful at editing) and I think it really led to a superior end product. He also helped me brush up on basic essay format, and suggested additions without feeling pushy about it. Meeting with him was a great resource to have available, and I’ll definitely be using the coaching program to help polish things up in the future if my schedule allows it!”

“Bo Luengsuraswat helped me revise my essay for Intro to Arts. I just walked in and got lucky because I couldn’t schedule an appointment with anyone else due to my schedule not aligning with theirs. We walked through my essay and got really particular about phrasing because I didn’t have very many grammar, organizational, or spelling mistakes. I got a B- on my essay because I didn’t include particular information in the particular way [my professor] wanted me to, but going in and editing like that was fun…I think Bo had fun too.”

“Bo is soooo awesome! He has a super strategic mind that is great for organising essays. I was writing a paper for a grad class and he really helped me out with thinking through ideas and creating links between sections. He knew a lot about the particular topic I was focusing on (critical theory around immigration) so I really appreciated his perspective.”

“Bo has been really helpful for me to revise my essay. He is different with other coach; instead of fixing grammar for me, he explain the reasons to me clearly.”

“My experience with Bo was great. He taught me a lot on structure, context development. He is extremely patient and able to deliver his idea efficiently.”

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