Memory of an Avalanche

What does it mean for queer and gender non-conforming brown bodies to exist in a time and place circumscribed by globalization, intensified border control, and state-sanctioned colorblind politics of inclusion?  Memory of an Avalanche is a graphic memoir tracing Bo’s immigration battle through neoliberal transgender visibility politics, the professionalization of immigrant rights movements, and queer of color romances of futurity in the era of multicultural dystopia. Set in Los Angeles within a one-year span (2011-2012), the story follows Bo, a recently graduated international student, as he navigates the nonprofit industrial complex to secure a work visa, deals with waves of unaccountable queer and trans community violence, and begins to physically transition from female to male while losing legal status.


soft skin

soft skin explores softness as an articulation of strength and challenges the cis-heteropatriarchal notion of “tough skin” as a standard of survival. Inspired by the transmasculine experience of being off testosterone, the work traces the shifting contours of emotional/bodily landscape to explore various borders and boundaries that confine our existence.


Pixelated is a short comic tracing the contours of gendered racialization through the dreams of an Asian immigrant technophobe.


Bo’s Guide to How to Process Trauma


Enjoy this digital comic DIY guide of resistance!




Affective landscape of Memory of an Avalanche


a cut won’t kill me