Bo Luengsuraswat is an interdisciplinary scholar-artist-entrepreneur whose cultural intervention encompasses visual arts, comics, performance, filmmaking, creative writing, knowledge production, and culinary business. By utilizing queerness and gender non-conformity as frameworks of resistance to the romanticized, cis-heteronormative narratives of race, immigration, and belonging, Bo’s interdisciplinary body of work reckons with the complexity of intersectional struggles, imagines possibilities of desire and representation beyond capitalistic relational confines, and cultivates accomplices horizontally across experiences.

As an educator and cultural worker, Bo uses critical thinking as a means to situate creative practices and draws upon embodiment and relationality as a source of scholarship. He honors marginality as a space through which to strategically and sustainably envision liberation and nurtures vulnerability as a sanctuary of compassion and accountability. In working against the grain institutionally, artistically, and interpersonally, Bo challenges the politics of respectability and colonization by queering individualistic notions of authorship, singular narratives of cultural authenticity, and capitalistically defined boundaries of existence.

Bo’s written and creative work has appeared in Critical Ethnic Studies: A Reader; Queer Necropolitics; nineteen sixty nine: an ethnic studies journal; Contemporary Asian America: A Multidisciplinary Reader (2nd & 3rd editions); Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics; Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation; Feminist Wire; Plenitude Magazine; OUT/LOOK & The Birth of the Queer; freitext; and Dreamers Adrift. His visual, performance, and multimedia work has been exhibited and screened at various venues locally and internationally including the GLBT Historical Museum, National Queer Arts Festival, APAture, LA Art Book Fair, Fresh Meat in the Gallery, San Francisco Transgender Film Festival, Toronto Queer Film Festival, and Gender Reel.

Bo’s areas of scholarship and research include Visual Studies, Cultural Studies, Critical Race Theory, Asian American Studies, Asian Studies, Diaspora, Memory/Trauma, US Immigration, Women of Color Feminism, Queer Studies, Transgender Studies, Disability Studies, Performance Studies, Art Criticism, Popular Culture, Comics, Anime/Manga.

Bo is currently penning Memory of an Avalanche, a graphic memoir tracing his immigration battle through neoliberal transgender visibility politics, state-sanctioned immigrant rights movements, and queer of color romances of futurity in the era of multicultural dystopia.